Authorities Find 70 lbs of Gift-Wrapped Cannabis in SUV


Wood River, Nebraska — In South Central Nebraska, authorities pulled over an SUV for driving too close to another vehicle on Thursday. After a detailed search at a truck stop on I-80, NSP officers noticed some packages that were gift-wrapped. They were made to look like early Xmas gift boxes.

Upon inspection, the troopers discovered that the presents actually contained a large amount of dried cannabis, roughly 70 pounds. The driver, aged 56, claimed that the gifts were meant for his family and a newborn baby, according to the trooper who apprehended him. The perp, originally from California, was arrested on drug charges. Recreational and medical use of marijuana is not allowed by law in NE.

Interestingly, the driver may have been inspired by a 2017 case on the same road. Back then, a senior couple was caught with similar gift-wrapped Christmas surprises in their car. The elderly couple (hopefully not Mr. and Mrs. Claus) also told the authorities that the Xmas treats were intended for their family in Vermont.

The driver caught on Thursday could face a $10,000 maximum penalty and even a maximum of five years in jail.

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