Nebraskans Can Expect Snow by the End of the Week

snow Winter Nebraska

A storm system is about to drop temperatures and bring snow to a number of states, including Colorado, North and South Dakota, and Montana. The storm is expected to hit Nebraska as well, specifically the northwest.

The National Weather Service is estimating that the upcoming days will be the coldest of the season. Panhandle and northern Nebraska areas should see a few inches of snow. This weekend, the lowest temperature in Lincoln should be just 31 degrees, while the highest will not exceed 44. If the estimates prove correct, this would be the season’s first freeze. On average, it occurs on October 5, but this year, it is one week late.

Although Lincoln residents most likely will not see snow, the rest of Nebraska can expect it. Sioux County is on a storm watch, and some eastern parts, such as Norfolk, might see the first snowfall. It could also potentially snow in certain areas in Omaha. However, the weather service does not believe that there will be any snow accumulation in eastern Nebraska.

Over the weekend, temperatures will remain low, with highs staying in the 50s.

This September has been one of the warmest in Nebraska, but October is on track to become one of the coolest. The temperatures have, so far, rarely reached 70 degrees.

What to Expect From the Upcoming Months

This October appears to be an unpredictable one since the weather service estimates an equal chance of higher- or lower-than-average temperatures. On the other hand, the rest of 2019 should be warmer than normal across the U.S. However, when it comes to Nebraska, the upcoming December, January, and February will be, yet again, unpredictable.

The weather service has not made any specific predictions, but other sources have. A meteorologist working for Accuweather, Paul Pastelok, thinks that the last year’s cold weather will return this winter. However, Pastelok predicts that the low temperatures that troubled Midwest and the Plains the past season will come in later.

The meteorologist, whose specialty is long-term weather prediction, has stated that the polar vortex is exceptionally strong. This vortex refers to the cold area of low pressure, which surrounds the two polar regions. As Pastelok claims, the air mass is too strong to start straying south, so it should stay north for a while. Such was the situation last year as well when the winter stuck around longer than usual.

According to Pastelok’s estimates, the Plains and the region will see higher-than-average temperatures in December. However, later in the season, the polar vortex might move south and lower the temperatures in Nebraska. When it comes to snowfall, Pastelok predicts it will be above average or at least average in this part of the country.

Another source promises a snowy, icy, and “icky” winter. It is the Old Farmer’s Almanac that does not carry good news. Its editor Janice Stillman has stated that the upcoming winter might feel like a never-ending one for the residents of Midwest, Nebraska included.

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