Allergies Are Going to Hit Hard This Fall — Be Prepared for Them

Allergy Season

As we are counting the days before the beginning of fall, the risks of different allergies are starting to rise. Unfortunately for those susceptible, the exceptionally humid summer contributed to the increased number of allergens throughout the state.

The feeling that your allergy has gone from bad to worse recently is not deceiving you. This happened because the ragweed and mold rates got pretty high. That is also connected to the high air humidity, which provided perfect conditions for ragweed to grow.

An estimated allergist from Nebraska stated that the increased moisture caused the mold to spread in the air. The mixture of mold and pollen makes a killer combination for people that suffer from allergies, and there are almost 50 million of those.

The specialist continued by saying that many allergy patients easily mistake their symptoms for a common cold. Allergies and colds often manifest similarly, causing clogged noses, sneezing, and eye itching and teariness.

Aside from the typical allergy medicine your doctor can prescribe, you can ask your pharmacist for a nose spray that you don’t need a prescription for.

If you really want to get better, you should try and determine what exactly you are allergic to. That knowledge is going to help you stay away from things that cause allergic reactions. Other than taking allergy medications, you can help yourself by washing your hair and clothes as soon as you enter the house, and you can also avoid sleeping next to an open window.

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