At the 150th Nebraska State Fair, There Will Be 12 Concerts

At the 150th Nebraska State Fair

This year, at Nebraska State Fair, there will be 12 concerts during eleven days of the fair, and one of the fair officials has said that tickets are selling fast.

The executive director of Nebraska State Fair, Lori Cox, has announced that the number of tickets sold has already passed the number of tickets sold in 2018 five weeks ago.

There is a new aspect when it comes to this year’s concerts, and that is a bundle that you can purchase. Namely, the bundle consists of the entry to the fairground. Cox added that the so-called Hot Country Bundle was the most purchased one until now.

Lori Cox commented on the number of Hot Country Bundles that were sold by saying that this was not unexpected. And that is because individuals who are buying this bundle are 40+-year-old women, who are well organized and purchase tickets ahead of time, while the audience for Rock and Red Dirt Bundles is a younger population, who are inclined to buy tickets at the last minute.

In addition, Cox said that they all hoped that there would be a boost in ticket purchases at the last minute. And she pointed out that individuals could purchase a single ticket for any of the concerts.

The idea of bundles was so successful that many people believed that there wouldn’t be single tickets available for purchasing. But Cox cleared the confusion by saying that that was never going to happen. She made an effort to clarify that there would be single tickets available. For instance, a single ticket costs $48, which is affordable, but she believes that bundles are the best way to go.

The price for a bundle is $79, and you can see three concerts for that money. That implies that a ticket for a single concert is $26. A limited number of single tickets can be purchased for 48 dollars, and they will cover the entrance fee.

Heartland Events Center is the location where all concerts will take place, and a clear bag policy will be implemented.

There are tickets available for specialty concerts, which aren’t part of any bundle, and those are also sold fast.

A price of 10 dollars is an exceptionally good bargain, Cox asserts. She says that ticket sales are great for concerts of the Platters, Cornell Gunther’s Coasters, Trace Atkins, and a few more.

Cox notes that people who listen to rock music may have been ignored for a long time and that fair officials want them to know that they have prepared something for them as well.

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