The DHHS Made a “Necessary” Decision

Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska

Next January, DHHS are going to change the outside provider despite having been in partnership with their current one for a decade.

A few days ago, a town hall meeting occurred where they talked about the transition of powers. That was the opportunity for them to elaborate their thoughts and find out that Saint Francis Ministries will take over that sector.

Dannette Smith, CEO of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), said he strongly believes that this company will do the job well. In addition, he had said that they were ensuring the model they’re using is adjustable for Nebraska and specifically for the Eastern Service Region

A transitional period like this has made many people worried, and they are of the thought that children and their jobs may take a backseat.

Marlon Brewer, who is a program director of Apex Family Care, commented that during the course of such a massive transition, there could be cracks.

The DHHS is sure of its resolution.

Smith added that the DHHS thought a lot about this transition and that they did everything so it could be executed with minimal delay.

In addition, Brewer asserted that because of a systemic issue, they sometimes have to disturb their families and that it’s counterproductive. However, he believes that it is performed in a right way and that this change could be good.

Another obstacle is the lawsuit that PromiseShip, which is a company that was taking care of these services, filed, which is stalling the transition.

There will be more details after the town hall meeting which will happen on August 7.

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