Nebraska Offers $125,000 for Three Studies

damage flood

Three communities in Nebraska altogether obtained the sum of $125,125 in grants for a study about the damage flood had caused this year and ways to prevent that from happening again.

This week, The Nebraska Department of Economic Development made public that the following communities got the grants:

Fremont-Inglewood got a grant of 60,000 dollars and offered one more of 15,000 dollars to pay for a study about the levee that broke through in March. In Fremont, over 350 homes and commercial properties have been damaged, and in Inglewood, 90 percent of homes are ruined. The study will assess the levee’s strength and the feasibility of upgrading it.

Greeley has gotten a prize of 25,125 dollars and offered its own community’s grant of 7,375 dollars to assess the coming times of wastewater treatment facility, which was extensively damaged. The power plant has shut down due to flooding — there were two to five feet of water.

Schuyler got a grant of 40,000 dollars and offered Schuyler’s own grant of 12,500 dollars for evaluating its drainage system. After eight of the city’s sewer outputs flooded, the sewage accumulated and spilled out into the streets.

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