Schools in Norfolk Will Be More Safer Next Year

Schools in Norfolk

Derek Ippensen, who works as a principal in Norfolk High School, said that with these alterations they wanted to make the school safer but not change who they were. He added that they believed they’d accomplished that.

In July, the principal of this high school sent a notice to students and their parents.

In the notice, he pointed out that six new safety and security advancements would be applied in the following year.

Ippensen stated that they would let students bring their backpacks into the school, but they will have to be in the lockers during the day.

All students will get their own lockers.

Before entering the school, they will be obliged to show a valid ID that the school provided for them.

New security staff will be positioned at the doors to keep an eye on the students.

In addition, Ippensen said that they had made a lot of improvements and upgrades like, for instance, a telephone in each classroom. This is implemented so that teachers can call for help in case of an emergency, reach parents if necessary, or for anything else they need a phone for.

One vital innovation is that the school will hire a mental health professional, who will be there to help students in times of need.

Jami Jo Thompson, who is a Superintendent for Norfolk Public Schools, said that this was a step forward to addressing the needs of their students who had social and emotional problems. She added that with the increase of mental health problems, they wanted to take good care of their students.

New laws have caused various reviews from students and their parents, but regardless of that, the administration firmly believes that these changes will ensure their safety this year.

In his statement, Ippensen said that they wanted to provide a place where students would feel free and safe. And also a place where they could find themselves and pursue their life goals without having to think about their safety.

He stated that in case of an event in Norfolk, they would be able to protect their students.

These safety measures have already been enforced in elementary and middle schools, and junior high schools in Norfolk as well.

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