Two Vehicles Crashed into the Historical Building in Omaha


Road rampage resulted in serious damaging of one of the historical buildings in the campus of the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. The total damage assessment goes up to over $300,000, as the first reports state.

Building 6 originated in the 19th century and has served numerous purposes since. It was the office of the quartermaster as well as the commissary at Fort Omaha.

The most demanding undertaking is going to be the reconstruction of the outer wall. Then, some heating and plumbing repairs need to be done. As far as other costs go, the replacement of air-conditioning is going to cost about $10,000. The electric opening mechanisms replacement and the fence repairs would require an additional $8,000.

Fortunately, no one was injured because the building was vacant and prepared for renovation. The idea is to turn this space into the archives after it was the center of digital art.

Both drivers involved in this outrageous road rampage received tickets for reckless driving. According to the official report, both vehicles were moving at speed around 70 m/h. They were heading west on Elison Avenue from the 27th street.

Both culprits stated that they were fighting about their cars prior to this incident. Also, the 42-year-old man was driving with an expired driver’s license on top of other things. And the 28-year-old woman was also ticketed for intentional, reckless driving.

They were transported to the OMC where they received medical treatment before they were released from the hospital.

When the police responded to a call on Saturday morning and reached the incident area, they faced a shocking scene. One of the vehicles crashed into the wall six feet above the ground level, and it went five feet into the building. The second car finished the ride right next to the first one slamming the outer wall of the building at the ground level.

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