Omaha Weather Report


Tuesday, July 30

Today, you can expect a mixture of rain and sunshine with casual interruptions of showers and thunderstorms.

The highest temperature will be around 78°F. The subjective feeling is going to be around 67°F.

The clouds are going to start piling up tonight, bringing some more showers. Winds are going to blow at five to ten m/h.

Wednesday, July 31

Showers will continue during the night and lead us into the mostly cloudy day. However, the temperature is going to rise a bit, with the expected 81°F. The winds are going to be stronger, though, with a speed of 10 to 20 m/h.

Thursday, August 1

There are not going to be many changes in the Omaha skies this Thursday. The clouds are going to cover it most of the day bringing occasional storms with thunder. The temperature will range from the lowest 69°F to the highest 82 °F.

The Weekend

We all eagerly wait for the weekend when the skies are going to clear a little, and the sudden thunderstorms won’t be spoiling the day. The forecast for Saturday announced partly cloudy weather with the temperature maximum around 80°F and winds blowing up to ten miles per hour.

Sunday is going to be just that the day when the skies finally clearing and the chances of rain dropping to 20%.

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