$3.7 Million Dollar Grant to Tackle Geriatric Specialists Shortage in Nebraska


Medical Center at the University of Nebraska has received significant funding of around $4 million to relieve the expected shortage in geriatric specialists in the following five years.

According to the estimation of the American Health Resources Services, there is going to be an increased demand for professionals specialized in treating elderly patients by 2025.

The number this administrative body predicts goes to about 33,000. The current number of professionals working in this field of health care is around 6,000. The discrepancy of 27,000 specialists is quite staggering.

The medical center representatives said they wanted to solve this problem by training other medical professionals to help and take care of geriatric patients.

These funds are going to provide the training and resources for teams of nurses, physicians, mental care specialists, and social workers. The essential idea is to prepare these medical teams for tackling serious health issues of the elderly.

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