Lincoln: 31 Infectious Cats Taken From Owner


On Monday, an owner of 31 cats received citations from Lincoln Animal Control on account of several violations. The authorities seized her feline pets, which were found to be carrying a hazardous, highly contagious disease. As an unfortunate result, they had to euthanize these cats.

Their former owner has several charges pitted against her. Namely, the charges include owning more than five cats in a single household, accommodating them without a permit, as well as animal neglect. Other accusations involve not administering proper rabies vaccination and sanitation violations.

The case was under review by the Animal Control staff on Monday. The City Attorney took over the case shortly after the fact. Meanwhile, the Building and Safety Department marked the woman’s home as off limits. In other words, nobody has permission to sleep in or access the domicile.

Feline Panleukopenia

Authorities confiscated the cats as early as July 23. Only some days later did they learn that they were carriers of a dangerous virus. While under the care of the Capital Humane Society, the pets were diagnosed with feline panleukopenia.

Cats contract FP when in contact with the feline parvovirus. This virus is extremely commonplace, so virtually all kittens eventually experience contamination. But kittens aged three to five months are the most vulnerable to the virus, which may also develop eye and brain damage.

FP attacks the cells lining the intestines, in addition to damaging lymph nodes and the bone marrow. Consequently, they suffer a shortage of red and white blood cells. The symptoms are dehydration, appetite loss, lethargy, nasal discharge, high fever, diarrhea, depression, and vomiting.

The disease spreads easily and rapidly. Therefore, caregivers at the Capital Humane Society saw no choice but to euthanize the infected felines. Had they not done so, they could have put the other animals in the shelter at risk.

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