Jeff Fortenberry to Host Meeting in Lincoln

Jeff Fortenberry

Representative and 1st District Republican Jeff Fortenberry is to organize a meeting in Lincoln on Thursday. The gathering will take place in North Star High School (5801 N. 33rd St). It is scheduled to begin at noon.

In addition, the Сongressman shall host sessions in several town halls this week. The cities on schedule include Bellevue, Fremont, Norfolk, and Columbus (in that order). The Bellevue meeting is to start on Wednesday.

The sessions for the week have come at an unfortunately volatile time, however. They will transpire in the midst of a House Democrat inquiry regarding investigations of the 2016 election.

The Democrats are conducting this inquiry to determine if President Donald Trump was guilty of obstructing justice during this investigation in 2016. Russia supposedly interfered in the election.

On Wednesday this July, Fortenberry visits Bellevue University’s military veteran services center at 4 in the afternoon. On Thursday (beside the aforementioned Lincoln event), he holds a session at Fremont’s Midland University Wikert Event Center at the same time.

Next, he hosts a meeting in Norfolk on Friday, which will begin at noon in Norfolk City’s Council Chamber. The tour ends with Fortenberry holding a session in Columbus High School (3 p.m.) on the same day.

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