Gov. Ricketts: July 27 to Be Korean War Veterans Armistice Day in Nebraska


Korean War Veterans received a warm welcome in Nebraska’s State Capitol on July 27. Together with John Hilgert, director of NDVA (Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs), Gov. Pete Ricketts awaited the veterans for a proclamation signing.

Ricketts stated that Nebraska takes great care to provide for its veteran citizens, viewing them with honor and dignity. He added that the so-called Forgotten War often ends up on the wayside of the people’s minds. This new holiday, however, aims to rectify that injustice.

On the national level, July 27 is National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. The Korean Armistice Agreement signing also happened on this day, which is why it stands for this occasion. The 45th anniversary of the signing in 1998 also became the first official Armistice Day for Korean War veterans.

The war claimed 37,000 American military personnel, 318 of which hailed from Nebraska. Fifty-nine of those Nebraskans remain unaccounted for to this day. Hilgert highlighted the duty of all Nebraskans to remember these 59 lost souls, as well as cherish and honor the ones living with us today.

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