Four-Point Line Will be Included in Husker’s Summer Practice


It isn’t a novelty that NU has to prepare the four-feet line for the game that expects them overseas. This is the way for the team to continue learning Fred Hoiberg’s system.

When asked about this after one training, Haanif Cheatham, a graduate transfer who is already an experienced college basketball player, giggled a bit. He said this rule is difficult, particularly when you prepare for a short while, and backing up the offense. Cheatham said that this is because it seems that you are far out, yet when you catch your step, you’ll be right at the three-point line. He said that a four-point line is a bit confusing, but it can help with getting open shots and spacing on offense.

Besides this line on the floor, Nebraska’s roster is getting used to many other things. They still need to accustom to one another, learning about the campus, and master this system of a man who was the NBA coach for nearly two decades.

Dachon Burke said that he is ready to learn and get better before the game. He realizes that everything coach is teaching them is for a reason, whether players are supposed to run up and down the court, or he is just slowing the game.

Huskers Still Won’t Be Flawless

Hoiberg hasn’t been hesitant to give his team this big bite to chew before their flight. He said that he and his assistants are giving players a lot to deal with, but this serves them to figure out who can learn fast and apply that knowledge on the floor. He emphasized that fighting through a rough time is of most importance.

Hoiberg also said that Huskers probably won’t be flawless during their games in Italy, and the way he sees it, it would be a little concerning otherwise. Yet he as a coach needed to begin somewhere, so he chose a new line on the court. He stated that the goal for him is to finish the 10th training with a four-point line and that this makes his team better and further advanced during these four games in Italy.

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