At the 150th Nebraska State Fair

At the 150th Nebraska State Fair, There Will Be 12 Concerts

This year, at Nebraska State Fair, there will be 12 concerts during eleven days of the fair, and one of the fair officials has said that tickets are selling fast. The executive director of Nebraska State Fair, Lori Cox, has announced that the number of […]
4 weeks ago

A Silent One-Man Protest for the Criminal Justice System Reform

Every day, an elderly man arrives at the lawn in front of the governor’s residence in Lincoln at 7 a.m. sharp. He then puts up his folding chair and a couple of protesting signs on the ground and sits there waiting for the governor to […]
4 weeks ago

Nebraska Group Doesn’t Want People to Sign Certain Petitions

Nebraska citizens have received some “official warning” mail that advises them not to sign any pro-marijuana or pro-gambling petitions. It is still unclear though who the “officials” that issued this warning are. When you take a closer look at this leaflet, you can notice that […]
4 weeks ago
Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska

The DHHS Made a “Necessary” Decision

Next January, DHHS are going to change the outside provider despite having been in partnership with their current one for a decade. A few days ago, a town hall meeting occurred where they talked about the transition of powers. That was the opportunity for them […]
4 weeks ago